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Who's Ashtar? 

Ashtar is the leader of the Galactic Federation from Sirius who represents male side of mankind. The Galactic Federation has been formed after the Great Orion War. He is also active as various energies such as Lucifer, Kunitokotachi and St. Germain. For Eulina, he is a parallel-self of her Twinray.
There is a female energy of Pleiades, Sarah as a Commander in the Galactic Federation. She is responsible for PR activities and uses codename "Ashtar Commander" for almost all media activities on the Earth. Therefore, most of the information are based on the view of Pleiades. Whereas Eulina as a parallel-self of Ashtar himself, she is allowed to provide information from Ashtar directly. She can hear, talk and discuss with him through telepathy. Those info from Ashtar reflect a view of Serius. 
There are many channellers on the Earth who can translate energy of Ashtar into their own languages and see his energy as Ashtar, but it's provided by Sarah most of the time. 
The space consciousness called Bashar is a part of Ashtar. 


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